CTBR Overview and Sponsors

Driven by Breeders. Serving Youth. Promoting Texas.

The Certified Texas Bred Registry program was established to promote Texas bred and raised pigs and support both the breeders and the 4-H / FFA youth of Texas who raise & show Certified Texas Bred pigs.

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How does participation benefit you?

Additional Premiums
• $100 premium is awarded to individuals exhibiting a CTBR Class Champion in each class of the barrow shows at the State Fair of Texas, Fort Worth Stock Show, San Angelo Livestock Show, San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Houston Livestock Show, and the Rodeo Austin .
• $64,200 was awarded during the 2024-2025 show season to Texas 4-H and FFA students.
• If an exhibitor earns Grand or Reserve Grand Champion at a Texas-major with a CTBR barrow, the program will award an additional $1,000. All CTBR Class Champions will be awarded a vinyl banner and CTBR Class Champion cap. 

Scholarship Opportunities
• In 2025, the Premier Exhibitor program looks forward to awarding over $40,000+ in scholarships to graduating seniors. For more information about scholarships, click here. 

  • Scholarships include:
    • Foundation Female Scholarship and Grant
    • Certified Texas Bred Registry "Scholars of Honor"
    • Premier Exhibitor Scholarship

Awards and Recognition
• At the end of the show season, the program will reward the top exhibitors and breeders within the points standings. Award winners will be invited to the Texas Pork Industry Conference to be recognized.
• Awards include, but are not limited to, custom banners, neon signs, jackets, caps, hoodies, buckles, coolers, and more.

  • Honors and Awards include:
    • Premier Exhibitors of the Certified Texas Bred Registry
    • Top 25 Exhibitors of the Certified Texas Bred Registry
    • Best of Breed - Breeders and Exhibitors
    • Champion Exhibitors and Breeders
    • Top Breeders of the Certified Texas Bred Registry
      • Division One – 1 to 10 litters
      • Division Two – 11 to 25 litters
      • Division Three – 26 to 59 Litters
      • Division Four – 60 litters and above
    • Supreme Breeders of the Certified Texas Bred Registry

Participate in Texas’ Elite Showcase!
• Texas’ Elite Showcase is the premier junior gilt show and sale in the state and is only open to youth exhibiting pigs registered in the Certified Texas Bred Registry program.
• This event features the state’s best genetics, showcasing outstanding youth and elite CTBR gilts!
• Higher class premiums guaranteed to each class – $1,000 added premium spread out over the top five
• Dynamic gilt marketing campaign to provide great opportunities for youth

How to participate?
• Buy your show pigs from a CTBR breeder!
•  Exhibit your CTBR pig at a Texas Major Show or the State Fair of Texas!
•  Become a TPPA member for additional benefits!

Top 25 Breeders of the Certified Texas Bred Registry

  1. Brockman Farms
  2. Wintex Farms
  3. Lindner Showpigs
  4. Clay Farms
  5. Rains Livestock
  6. HF Genetics
  7. Blount Farms
  8. Knight Showpigs

9. Lackey Livestock
10. Beyers Farms
11. S Squared
12. Kneese Showpigs
13. Weishuhn Brothers Showpigs
14. Powell Livestock
15. Sweet Tooth Farms
16. DL Showpigs
17. Underdog Genetics

18. MT Heart Livestock
19. Reed Livestock
20. Berger Farms
21. JDF Farms
22. McKinley Showpigs
23. Ralston Hog Farm
24. IDK Genetics
25. TRI Genetics


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On behalf of the Texas Pork Producers Association membership and Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors, we want to say THANK YOU to our Certified Texas Bred Registry Sponsor.

Showpig.com is the Official Title Sponsor of the Certified Texas Bred Registry.

TPPA is very appreciative of Showpig.com for their continued sponsorship of the Certified Texas Bred Registry, in addition to becoming our new Title Sponsor.  We are looking forward to building this partnership with Showpig.com.

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