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Welcome to the Texas Pork Producers Association membership portal! Here is where you will find recent annual meeting and board of director minutes and membership information.

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Member Services

TPPA members benefit from a wide array of services such as government relations, market information, Pork Quality Assurance education and certification, communications, producer programs and youth events.


At TPPA we work hard to keep our members informed about the events and activities that shape the pork industry. TPPA members receive electric and print communications along with a bi-monthly Producer Connection publication. TPPA also offers e-blast, design and mail out services to all members.

Certified Texas Bred Registry

Participating in the Certified Texas Bred Registry program allows you numerous opportunities to broaden the promotion and marketing efforts of your farm. TPPA strives to provide services to heighten your visibility and widen the exposure of your show swine to help drive up sales. Beyond being recognized at the show, in the Producer Connection and on the website for your CTBR Class Champions, TPPA also offers the CTBR Breeder Directory listing and Fall Sales Trail of Texas Showpigs. With additional premiums being distributed to CTBR Class Champions at the participating shows, many exhibitors won’t buy anything but CTBR Certified pigs.

Legislative Representation

If you’re not telling your story, someone else will. That’s why TPPA stays in continuous contact with state and federal legislators to ensure that lawmakers understand how their decisions affect your business, your family and the pork industry’s ability to provide consumers with a safe, affordable and healthy supply of pork. Not only does TPPA keep a constant watch over potentially impactful legislation but TPPA staff visit the Capitol in Washington and Austin, continuing to build relationships and actively advocate public policy positions which benefit the pork industry.

Market Information

For the showpig producer, marketing your culls is still an important aspect to profitable pig production. TPPA collects market reports from most of the active auction barn locations and sends out a weekly e-blast of the market report to all members. You can also find all market reports in the archives section to look at seasonal patterns across the state and determine the optimal time to market your pigs.

Preparing Future Leaders

Texas Pork Producers is a huge supporter of Texas youth development; providing numerous programs, activities and opportunities for the youth to become involved. Through the Pork Leadership Camp, Youth Conference, Texas Pork Junior Ambassadors, Youth PQA Plus, scholarships, contests and internships, TPPA works to educate and advance youth development within the swine industry.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance programs are important to the pork industry, to ensure Texas pork products are of the highest quality and safe, and the animals are that are raised for food are cared for in a way ensuring their well-being. TPPA offers PQA (Pork Quality Assurance) Plus and Youth PQA Plus training to all members.

Regulatory Cooperation

Farms must follow regulations from various state and federal government agencies, such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Animal Health Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. TPPA serves as your liaison with these groups and can assist with your needs.

Seminars & Meetings

TPPA sponsors and organizes a variety of programs throughout the year in order to help members broaden their knowledge and become more efficient. From biosecurity to swine health to nutrition to marketing and advertising, TPPA is there assist you. Additionally our largest event is the Texas Pork Industry Conference and Youth Symposium. This annual event along with others is designed to educate members and other attendees of the pork industry and to network with fellow pork producers. Visit the events tab to see some of our upcoming events.

Other Services

TPPA works closely as an affiliate with other organizations such as the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council to benefit its members. Additionally, the Texas Pork Producers Association maintains close relationships with Texas colleges and universities, stock shows and other allied industry groups. As a member, call on TPPA for any assistance.