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Our Story

Originally established in 1889, the Texas Pork Producers Association (TPPA) is the source for representing the state’s pork industry. TPPA is the second oldest livestock organization in Texas when it was originally established as the Texas Swine Breeders Association. Since its inception, TPPA has strived to serve the best interests of those involved in the pork industry by implementing programs designed to protect the livelihood of its members, enhance the value of swine and pork products, and increase the awareness and education of the pork industry to the public.

TPPA not only brings together people with a common interest to produce positive results for its members but focuses on keeping its members aware and responsive to the numerous issues and changing information within pork industry and are able to provide relevant and useful materials at the point of need.

Through educational seminars, youth activities, livestock shows, and by working cooperatively with other state and national organizations, TPPA has been able to provide its members with a great deal of information and expertise in all areas of production. Additionally, the Texas Pork Producers Association represents and advocates on behalf of the state’s pig farmers and industry stakeholders and encourages consumers to “put more pork on their fork.” Through collaboration with the National Pork Checkoff, TPPA provides consumers with information about the nutritional value, versatility and preparation of pork.

Regardless of the size of your swine operation or your level of involvement within the industry, membership with TPPA can be a great asset to you!

“Education. Advocacy. Promotion. The Texas Pork Producers Association is dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable and profitable pork industry.”

TPPA Bylaws provide ten specific purposes for the association:

  • Provide a structure for cooperation of pork producers in Texas.
  • Encourage the efficient production and marketing of high quality pork and pork products.
  • Promote the consumption of pork and pork products.
  • Recommend and support swine disease control programs.
  • Provide educational programs that will assist in the development of these purposes.
  • Encourage research that will assist in the development of these purposes.
  • Represent pork producers directly in legislative and regulatory matters.
  • Receive and expend funds necessary to the development of these purposes.
  • Enter into contracts with other agencies, or individuals when necessary.
  • Cooperate in programs and activities of the National Pork Producers Council and the National Pork Board.

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