The Texas Pork Producers Association is the second oldest livestock organization in Texas, dating back to 1889, when it was originally established as the Texas Swine Breeders Association. Since its inception, TPPA has strived to serve the best interests of those involved in the pork industry by implementing programs designed to protect the livelihood of its members, enhance the value of swine and pork products, and increase the awareness and education of the pork industry to the public.

Across the state, there are approximately 1,000 members in the Texas Pork Producers Association, including showpig and commercial producers, Extension agents, Agriculture teachers, allied industry companies, and youth. TPPA membership is available to individuals who have an interest in pork production, even if they do not own any pigs or work for a company relevant to pork production. From the day you join TPPA, the association is at work for you. In addition to representing the industry’s interests through dialogue with state and federal government officials and agencies, the Texas Pork Producers Association also organizes producer and youth programs, and offers a variety of other member services.